Smokeless Juices Loyalty Scheme

Points equal prizes, or in this case “Puff Points” equal cheaper E-Liquid!

For every pound you spend with us you will earn one Puff Point.
One point is worth £0.10p.

You can also earn points by leaving us product reviews, we will award one point per review.

You purchase three Smokeless E-liquids for £10.00. You receive 10 points (£1), you then review all three of your liquids and receive another 3 points (30p), this give you a discount of £1.30 to spend on your next order, or to save up for an even larger discount.


What are Puff Points points?
Puff Points are points that registered customers of Smokeless Juices earn as they shop our website.

Why have you started a loyalty scheme?
We wanted to say thanks to our most valued customers. This is a way for us to give you something back for shopping with us.

How can I earn Puff Points?
When logged into your account and you purchase any products from us you will automatically earn points. You can earn extra points by leaving product reviews on the items you purchase.

What can I spend my points on?

Is there anything I can’t spend my points on?
No, points can be spent on anything.

Is there a minimum amount I need to earn before I can spend my points?
No, you can spend 1 point or 1000 points. They are your points to spend as and when you like.

How do i know how many points i have?
Log into your account and you will be shown you Puff Point total.